Marine Coatings

Marine Applications


  • Barges
  • Tugboats
  • Loading Facilities
  • Cranes
  • Ballasts


  • Wasser MC-Tar 100- Wasser combined moisture-cure urethane technology, micaceous iron oxide, and refined tar resin to produce a superior corrosion resistant coating. MC-Tar 100 has proven performance in severe exposure, and is recommended for application on various substrates for immersion, atmospheric, and buried environments. It has the ability to provide outstanding barrier protection in one-coat or multi-coat systems.
  • Wasser MC-Miozinc 100- Meets strict VOC specifications for industrial maintenance coatings. The combination of zinc and micaceous iron oxide (MIO) pigments makes this primer is ideal for protecting pitted steel or steel with complex geometry.
  • Wasser MC-Luster 100- Wasser’s most specified, aliphatic, semi-gloss topcoat is VOC compliant to the strictest standards for industrial maintenance coatings. MC-Luster 100 is an ideal MCU urethane topcoat with easy recoatability, excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion.