September 26, 2016

Wasser Corporation


For over 20 years, Wasser Corporation has established itself as an industry leader in advanced coatings technology with innovative products that provide superior protection to such iconic American structures and the Manhattan Bridge in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Wasser is a full-service, industrial coatings and linings provider that employs a superior team of specialists to design and develop solutions to suit exacting customer requirements.  Their objective is to comprehend and anticipate their customer’s needs while providing the optimal product regardless of a project’s magnitude.

They work closely with the engineering, construction and scientific communities to develop the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for end-users.

The customer’s needs and feedback are the top priority of Wasser.  They also support the customer’s commitment to the environment.

Wasser products meet or surpass industry norms with respect to VOC’s and they are committed to the use of environmentally friendly materials throughout all their processes.

For more information about the Wasser products that could help with your project, please contact your HPP Industrial Sales representative.

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