September 26, 2016

C.I.M. Industries


C.I.M. Industries Inc. protective coatings have been keeping liquids where they belong for over 30-years in applications including potable water requiring ANSI/NSF 61 certification, primary and secondary chemical containment, waste water systems, cooling towers, parking decks, pavement repair, water features (fish ponds) and fountains, and many other uses.

Chevron originally developed Chevron Industrial Membrane (CIM) in the early 1960’s. C.I.M. Industries purchased the product line from Chevron in 1988 and currently manufactures the polyurethane coating using the industry proven technology. CIM’s unique chemistry makes it an ideal solution for a variety of challenging environments.

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  • Permits use in severe conditions from -60F to 180F.
  • Easily repaired & returned to better-than-new properties.
  • Abrasion resistant for heavy wear applications.
  • Adheres to all tank surfaces, providing a flexible, elastomeric barrier to water & chemical attack.
  • Applied easily & rapidly.
  • Limited volatility due to greater than 90% solids composition. Has good UV stability.
  • Low maintenance – does not require seaming. Combines abrasion resistance & waterproofing to protect against water & corrosion on bridge, pedestrian & parking decks.
  • Forms an ideal barrier to aqueous solutions including drainage ditches, catch basins, mine drainage, sewage treatment lagoons, and sanitary landfills.
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