Duromar is a pioneer in the field of applied polymeric technology. Duromar offers a wide variety of zero VOC, 100% solids materials for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Duromar manufactures rebuilding, resurfacing, and specialty products for industrial maintenance, concrete repair and flooring systems, high performance linings for the severest corrosive and abrasive environments, and structural adhesives. Duromar production facilities and quality control procedures are continually being upgraded to provide “state of the art products” to meet today’s stringent standards for quality and performance.

Ideal Uses

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Concrete repair and flooring systems
  • High-performance linings for the severest corrosive and abrasive environments
  • Structural adhesives

We Carry These Duromar Products:

High Performance Linings:

  • HPL-2310 Excellent chemical resistance with long pot life, ambient cure
  • HPL-2510 100% solids coating, FDA complaint version available.
  • HPL-3721 Polysulfide coating
  • HPL-4300 High temperature, abrasion resistant, trowel applied
  • HPL-4310 100% solids Novolac Chemical resistant

Rebuilding Products:

  • SAR rebuild putty with abrasion and chemical resistance
  • HAR rebuild putty resistant to fine slurries in liquid or powder form
  • UltraBuild trowel grade ceramic filled putty for small and course slurries
  • MG-F Stainless Steel putty for precision machining
  • EAC brush applied chemical resistant
  • EXP Chemical resistant and high temperature applications

Specialty Systems:

  • DuroCaulk elastomeric poly-sulfide, chemical resistant epoxy caulk
  • DuroStik Fast cure putty material, tube packaged for easy mixing
  • EAC-UW resurfacing coating for underwater applications
  • SAR-UW rebuilding putty for underwater applications