Highland International

Highland International high temp paint and heat resistant coatings provide aesthetic and durable protection for steel and other substrates. Highland International heat resistant coatings are suitable for surface temperatures ranging from ambient to 1500˚F. Additionally, they feature higher film builds, better color stability, and increased flexibility when compared to competitor heat resistant coatings. Many of these high temp coatings can be applied to hot surfaces. This unique feature allows for painting to take place without equipment shutdowns. Highland International high temp paint line features direct-to-metal coatings, primers, and topcoats. These coatings provide maximum performance for all of your high temp paint needs. Finally, many coatings in the high temp paint lineup are available in dry fall Spray-Safe formulations.

Product Features

  • High Temp Paint
  • Dry Fall Paint
  • Coating Under Insulation
  • Heat & Chemical Resistant Applications
  • For Equipment Manufacturers
  • Industrial Maintenance Paint
  • Stack Coatings

We Carry These Highland International Products:

  • HiTemp High Temperature Coatings
  • Spray-Safe Industrial Dry Fall Coatings
  • OEM Coatings  for Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • CUI Coatings for the prevention of corrosion under insulation
  • Industrial Maintenance Coatings – Long lasting quick dry coating