Industrial customers trust Mascoat products for premium heat insulation, anti-condensation and corrosion protection. Specially designed to protect personnel and substrates during manufacturing and storage processes, Mascoat’s industrial products include a formulation for almost every application. Mascoat industrial spray-on coatings can be safely applied to working machinery and hard-to-reach substrates with no manufacturing downtime or manpower waste. Mascoat’s coatings are proven to help lower energy costs and increase equipment efficiency. We offer flexible, affordable options for equipment, tanks, storage vessels, pipes, deaerators and other factory surfaces.

Ideal Uses

  • Heat exchangers and boilers
  • Pipelines and steam/condensate lines
  • Pressure valves
  • Storage tanks and vessels
  • Areas difficult to insulate because of complex geometry

Product Features:

  • Class-A, fire-rated insulation
  • Injury and personnel protection from burns
  • Long-lasting energy retention
  • Condensation protection
  • Prevent CUI for 20+ years
  • Applicable to working substrates with no need for shutdown

We Carry These Mascoat Products:

  • Industrial AC – anit-condensation coating
  • Industrial DTI – industrial insulation coating
  • WeatherBloc – thermal insulation and reflectivity
  • Marine DTM – thermal and anti-condensation protection
  • Transportation DTA – reflective and sound deadening coatings
  • Mascoat Sound Control-dB – vibration and noise reduction in a coating form