Rust-Oleum Concrete Protection Systems

RUST-OLEUM offers a complete line of concrete floor coatings, decorative finishes, polyaspartics, polyureas, epoxy systems, caulkings, repair products and grouts for cracks and concrete repair in all types of environments.

Rust-Oleum’s expertise in surface protection doesn’t stop at metal. Rust-Oleum’s complete selection of concrete-grade prep, patch, and repair products are formulated to deliver contractor-grade protection and are easy to apply using in-house maintenance crews. Rust-Oleum’s concrete repair products cure fast to minimize downtime and provide lasting durability for long-term protection.

Rust-Oleum’s diverse product offering provides a cost-effective, durable solution for every industry and every environment.

Ideal Uses

  • Chemical Resistant Coatings for various industries
  • Pharmaceutical – Floors and Walls
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Electrostatic Conductive and Electrostatic Dissipative Floor Coatings
  • Patching Materials & Grouts
  • Top Moisture Barrier Coatings

We Carry These Rust-Oleum Concrete Protection Products:

  • TurboKrete Concrete Patching Compound
  • TurboKrete All-Purpose Epoxy Repair
  • Flexible Joint Sealant
  • 5499 Concrete Patching Compound
  • InstaPatch – Ultra Rapid Curing Concrete Repair
  • Putty Patch Concrete Repair
  • Pourable Concrete Patch Concrete Patching Compound
  • 108 Cleaning Etching Solution
  • S6511 System Penetrating Prime Seal Primer
  • Hard Surface Primer Water-Based Epoxy Primer
  • FastKote UV
  • AS5400 Anti-Slip
  • AS6000 Low Profile Anti-Slip Epoxy
  • AS9100 High Performance Anti-Slip Epoxy
  • AS6500 100% Solids Anti-Slip Epoxy
  • FinishKote 70 High Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • FinishKote 80 High Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • UltraWear 1K Ultra High Performance Floor Coating
  • BuildKote Polyurea Floor Coating
  • FlexKote Polyurea Floor Coating
  • Heavy Metal Decorative Floor Coating