Wasser products are used for structural and underground steel and difficult climate conditions as well as lead encapsulation. Wasser’s products are used for locks and dams, water and wastewater, bridges and infrastructure.

Wasser is a full-service, industrial coatings and linings provider that employs a superior team of specialists to design and develop solutions to suit exacting customer requirements. They manufacture a wide range of high-performance polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Some of these products feature NSF certification, fire retardancy, and exceptionally fast return-to-service times.

Ideal Uses

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – dams, locks
  • Below-grade areas where damp and humid conditions exist
  • Moisture cure products that can be used at temperatures as low as 25°F as well as in extremely high humidity

We Carry These Wasser Products:

  • MC-Universal 100 Direct to Metal Primer
  • MC-Zinc 100 Zinc-Rich Primer; Meets VOC requirements
  • MC-Miozinc 100 Zinc and Micaceous Iron Oxide for pitted steel
  • MC-Prepbond 100 penetrating prime for ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • MC-Clear aesthetic top coat
  • MC-Ferrox A 100 low VOC coating
  • MC-Sheildcoat 100 low VOC, resistant to UV and abrasion topcoat
  • MC-Luster 100 VOC compliant aliphatic top coat
  • MC-CR 100 Corrosion Resistant intermediate coating
  • MC-Antigraffiti 100 Antimicrobial clear coating for bio-resistant film, also allows easy removal of graffiti and residues
  • MC-Ballastcoat Marine vessel ballast tank coating
  • MC-TruGrip 100 Anti slip coating with glass aggregate
  • PUR-Quik Accelerator for Wasser Moisture Cure Urethane coatings
  • MC-Thinner MC-Thinner 100
  • POLYFLEX High Performance elastomeric polyurea membrane
  • POLYFLEX 111 PU Primer
  • POLYFLEX 201 PW NSF listed
  • POLYFLEX 1202 High Chemical resistance
  • POLYFLEX 204 Hand applied
  • POLYFLEX 301 for steel and concrete applications
  • POLYFLEX 311 Membrane – extended gel time coating
  • POLYFLEX 311 FR meets smoke fire and smoke standards to ASTM E94
  • POLYFLEX 401 flexible with excellent abrasion and shock absorption
  • POLYFLEX 402 Polar suitable for cold conditions
  • POLYFLEX 411 ShearCoat – waterproofing with slower gel times for bridge deck waterproofing
  • POLYFLEX 53 elastomeric coating for waterproofing
  • POLYFLEX 54 iron oxide-based elastomeric coating
  • POLYFLEX 55 superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • POLYFLEX 56 UV resistance with superior chemical resistance
  • POLYFLEX 57 designed for durable floor application with manual application
  • POLYFLEX 59PW NSF-61 certified high performance hybrid coating and lining